Our Mission

WaterDAO is short for Water Information Certification Systems DAO LLC, a Wyoming registered entity that will be autonomously managed (governance by smart contracts). The purpose of WaterDAO is to better enable Voluntary Water Markets (i.e. the voluntary purchase of water to achieve water neutrality) by creating a standardized protocol for classifying and measuring the beneficial attributes of regenerative water.

This protocol, RH2O (which stands for regenerative water), is a digital smart water contract that conveys ownership over the beneficial impact of regenerative sources of water, such as sustainable desalination. Initially, RH2O will act as a certified water credit for qualified water sources, similar to an energy REC (renewable energy certificate).

RH2O water credits can only be created when a verified unit of water has been generated from a certified source. The first class of regenerative water credits (RH2O-Class I) will be generated by Solar Desalination in California and any additional sources of Class-I credits will meet or exceed the positive impacts of solar desalination. Additional credit classes will be created in the future for other sources of regenerative water credits (see our credit class methodology).

WaterDAO will autonomously manage RH2O classification and certification by making water information publicly viewable through smart contracts and will be a decentralized organization for receiving proposals and issuing credits to qualified water projects. WaterDAO will generate income by sponsoring high impact water research that unlocks voluntary water markets and will use the output of the research to generate revenue through strategic partnerships to promote decentralized water.

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